Just me.

Just me.

Hi!  I am Libby.  Working mother of 3.  Middle aged, overweight and fighting both of them all the way. Everything in my life becomes a story.  Married my college sweetheart and leading man—15 years late. 

Little did I know how that story would turn out. 7 years and 364 days later I am now divorced from my college sweetheart and am “restoring” my life. There is sure to be some stories on that!

I live and love ‘out loud’ said one close friend.  I am a closet writer and do it because I love it and as I get older, and older, and older I am trying to do more of what I love without worrying so much about doing it perfectly.

I am ‘almost nearly but not quite hardly’ THAT mom, THAT friend and THAT co-worker, etc.  Not sure what that means? If you take some time to read one or two you’ll see exactly what that phrase means. 🙂

I write like a I talk so don’t expect smooth, glossy sentences or precise words. As a proud Theater major I write like I used to perform…a pause = comma.  Not sure if I should use a comma or I need a bigger pause…three dots work nicely.  🙂

If this blog makes you laugh, makes you nod in understanding or just takes you out of your own world for a  few minutes then I have done my job.  Enjoy.  Let me know if you enjoy.  Tell me if  you don’t enjoy.


5 thoughts on “Me

  1. Geez, Libby. Just reading your blog and am dumbfounded about what’s going on. Sending you good thoughts from the cold (still) north.

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