“I’ll be 15 tomorrow!” You practically squeak with excitement. “I’ll be driving this time tomorrow!!!!” Oh be still my heart.  I’ve been through 15 before…it’s a beginning for you and an ending for me. It’s the start of your independence and the end of my being needed. I am as excited for you as I […]

Happy day 

Oh happy day! Really. What a happy day.  Serenaded. Spoiled. Treated.  People who know me celebrating with me. People celebrating me in their own way. I love having people.  This year I eased into my birthday. No expectations. No grand resolutions. No extensive plans for what this year would or should hold. This year just […]

Waving bye-bye 

“Every man needs a good watch,” said you this summer. Your best friend’s big brother, a man you admire, said as much to you so you took the words to heart. You took your own money and bought a watch. You’ve been prepping to be a man for a long, long time and the watch […]

A life of crime

It’s offical. I’ll never have a career as a criminal.  I wasn’t even breaking a law today…I was simply bending a rule…and I almost blew it.  I practiced flipping borrowed Sam’s card with my finger strategically placed over the picture. Practiced. Like a dork. Our brisk jog inside the store wasn’t conspicuous at all. A dislocated […]