I will miss her

There are hard things you do as a mother–watch your little ones get hurt, seeing them learn painful life lessons, ground them when they do wrong so they learn what’s  right—and they are hard.  It’s hard to have them let go of your hand and toddle off the big kid school.  It’s hard to watch […]


Remember chanting…’sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me’. This was usually followed by sticking your tongue out at whoever caused you to sing the singsong chant. Remember those days? We were taught to do that against the bully that was making fun of our braces. Some adult told us […]

Darn Skirt

I was running late this morning (shocker). While scrambling into the white tee shirt (that was laying on top of my still packed bag) I reached out blindly into the skirt section of my closet (hard to believe that I have any type of section in my closet isn’t it). I digress. I literally had […]

The first

There is going to be a first for every part of my new life. Today I have 2. First “family type event” with a literal empty seat beside me. The universe does indeed have a sense of humor. Luckily my mom came and was in front of me so I want ALONE but that empty […]