All I know about rickets is that it happened a lot on ships (pirate in my mind) and that it is caused by a lack of fruit and vegetables. Think it makes your bow-legged? Suffice it to say I don’t know much. I am convinced that my floundering little family is at risk for rickets. […]

Homemade Halloween

There are 2 things I do that drive me absolutely crazy. I insist upon homemade Halloween Costumes and Handmade Valentines.  Why I add that stress and pressure to myself is beyond me.  Each year on Halloween Eve I question both my sanity and my intelligence.  Those $20 polyester and vinyl pre-packaged items are looking very, […]

Spontaneity and It’s Rewards

On Friday evening it became apparent that our weekend was to be filled with the same-old-same-old.  Laundry, grocery store, picking up, grocery store runs and stolen moments at the playground were all the weekend promised.  The most exciting thing the weekend seem to offer was a possible trip to REDBOX.  After weeks of hard, hard […]

The Promise and the Plea

“Mama, are you going to blog about this?” asked my daughter.  Through clenched teeth I murmured, “Oh yeah,” as I kicked another pile out of the way.   “Could you make it sound a little better then it really is?” she asked, wisely pushing yet another pile out of my line of sight.  We had an […]

Weekend take-aways

Some ‘take-aways’ from my weekend: After picking up the same stack of books 4 times in 20 minutes it occurred to me that I should just accept that my house will not be clean for another 17 years and to deal with that accordingly. The Twilight Breaking Dawn part 2 movie was offered to be […]

A Mom’s gotta do what a Mom’s gotta do

A mom’s gotta do what a mom’s do…. Tonight that included: “Mom-did you remember that I had to be a pig tomorrow for relay for life?” The 15 minute fight that ensued as 2 stubborn, have to be right girls went toe-to-toe at the dinner table. It was actually a 3 minute fight but with […]