This year my goal is to be present and find presents to make other people happy. I won’t be looking for a lot of happy for me. My proclamation of “best Christmas ever” that I made to my friends last year haunts me. It wasn’t the song that was written for me about surviving hard […]

My People

My group of friends was recently called a “support group”. I don’t think it was meant as a kind adjective. The insult was lost on me because that’s exactly what my little group does for one another-support. Having chunked cable I now spend my nights running marathons. Marathons of tv shows that is. Grey’s Anatomy […]

Are happy days here again?

Friday didn’t suck. It’s the first Friday since the TRUTH DAY April 15th that hasn’t been gut-wrenching. Typically by Friday afternoon I am fighting back tears and am struggling to find some way of salvaging the day. This Friday I worked hard and then jetted to buy a surprise for me son. I scurried to […]