What I am.

“I love that she sees me clearly and calls me out on stuff.”  This was today’s gem in the “43 things we love about Libby” jar. Yeah.   It’s okay if you are a little perplexed. You either like me or you don’t…I don’t invoke a whole lotta wishy-washy feelings.  I think polarizing is the appropriate […]

Which hurts worse–your head or your pride?

  I shouldn’t laugh…Really, I shouldn’t Our family errand day was going quite well.  Everyone scored books at the book sale.   Then there was the unexpected treat of meeting a former UGA and NFL player, Boss Bailey.   Followed immediately by a quick game of Plinko where we won enough gift cards to pay […]

Do you know what happens when I turn 14?

Unexpected turn. All day I have been mentally writing a blog about being unforgettable.   My friends gave me a jar full of 43 things they love about me.  Today’s read:  You are Unforgettable. So I played with that all day. Tonight-we made a weight watchers dinner (go crustless Quiche for 4 points) and sat […]

Glitter, a bullet, a balloon and a jar

Not going paddle boarding!  A card from an adventurer, a Minnie-Mouse balloon, a boat ride, a glitter bullet, a jar of paper and a cake. My 43rd anniversary of time on this earth can be summarized in these few sentences.  The words don’t go together and on the surface it doesn’t sound like much but […]

Week 2: So not what I was expecting

Weigh In day. I’ve got to be honest…it’s a little bit exciting. My expectations are GREAT. My results…eh…not so much. I can honestly say that I am working this plan. I am not ‘forgetting’ to log food, I am not cheating, I am truly embracing the concept. I ‘weigh’ my options. I make adjustments. Pizza […]