Cut and paste

If you have to cut and paste something off my blog, my personal blog, then perhaps you should not be on my personal blog.  Perhaps you should mind your own business and stay out of mine.  You are not entitled to use my thoughts, ideas, opinions to TRY and create havoc in my world.  How […]

Knock off jellies and Lee jeans

We never really escape high school.  It only takes one word, being left out of one conversation or one sneer before BAM!! You are suddenly 15 again.  Fifteen and gawky.  Fifteen and aching to fit in.  Fifteen and acutely aware of your social status –or rather lack of social status—in a clearly defined hierarchy.  Fifteen […]

nice things

Nice things were done for me today.  I was invited to lunch.  A friend bought my lunch.  Another friend complimented me.  Another friend asked my input in something.  Another one listened while I talked.  Real elementary to most folks. HUGE deal for me. Today I realized a few things. I just can’t believe how nice […]

One month

In one month I have to publicly wear shorts, tie on my tennis shoes and do the unthinkable–participate in a race.  I am not ‘racing’ mind you, merely trying to finish.  HOWEVER, this endeavor is so far out of my comfort zone.  I don’t compete in physical events.  Ever.  For a reason.  I failed miserably at […]

only in my world

Only in my world would Babies Daddy send home the paid babysitter on Saturday and spend the evening watching the daughter of the new husband and the ex-wife.   Of course in my world it is normal that he would complain about how late we were out even though WE were basically working a second job […]

Spring has sprung

Spring has sprung…with a vengeance. Phil at I worked together (and survived) as a husband and wife wedding photography team.  8 hours and 2786 pictures.  It wasn’t perfect–I obviously need more than a 5 minute lesson–but  all turned out okay in the end.  There are some okay shots, some GREAT shots (phil’s) and some creative […]

Inspiration dress

So my inspiration dress arrived today.  It’s red.  It’s a large BUT it’s a sexy, curve hugging maxi dress that accents the gals and hides the bumps…sort of.  Now, the question becomes, will I be able to wear it?  I don’t know if A) my body will ever be red dress worthy or B) if […]